Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last week to my surprise my job threw me a surprise baby shower! And boy I was surprised!  My project manager asked me to attend a meeting with her and as we are walking by the cafeteria eating area I began to see familiar faces from people from my department. Then I spotted out the pink and the gray décor and  I knew it  really wasn't a meeting she wanted me to attend but my very own baby shower!
As most of you know I am all about events and the first thing I gravitated too was the décor. As I am walking around admiring the great job my team did my co-worker Rogers says, “Hey Eishia, Is your husband ready for the baby?” My response was of course he is! While I was thinking he must not know my husband!  Then Roger says, “Is he ready to change all of those diapers?” And you know this was the prime opportunity for me to mention that he won the baby changing contest at work. 
So, I went on to tell that story! And my manager says. “Really, Eishia?” And I glance up at her to respond and Xzavier was standing right there! I couldn’t help myself and I just screamed!! He walked up to me and gave me a hug and I started to cry. I was so surprise to see him at work and it just made the baby shower extra special that they also surprised me with inviting him!  I think I had a couple of people in the room teary eyed from my reaction.  I love surprises and it is nothing like a true surprise that makes it extra special!!
We went on to open gifts and we received the cutest diaper cake that was decorated with various items off my registry in pink and gray!! SUPER ADORABLE!!! We received a matching big and burping towel set in a fabric that is to die for, clothes, and a card signed my all of my co-workers with a big wad of cash that had a label that said “This is for your fancy stroller!”  And of course I screamed again as I envisioned me walking around with my fancy stroller…LOL.
My husband and I were beyond grateful!  I was overcome with joy and felt really loved by my co-worker for taking the time to celebrate our new little addition and bless us with gifts!!
I can honestly say that I have been blessed to have a wonderful job and great co-workers. I have three more weeks before I leave to go on maternity leave and as much as I am excited about this next journey in my life I am sad to leave my team. But, I will save that  story for another post!

bib and burping cloth set!

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