Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our First Childbirth Class!!
Taking Care of a Baby/Infant CPR Class

Tonight Xzavier and I took our first baby education course! And I must say we both felt that the class was very informative. Even though both of us have some experience with caring for babies the class was good refresher. 

The class began with a local pediatrician speaking and informing us about choosing the right physician for our child and general overview of what to expect from the time the baby is born and the first couple of visits to the doctor’s office. 

Next was the fun part we learned how to perform CPR on an infant and what steps you need to take when a baby is choking. Each couple was given a doll baby to practice on that made the experience seem more real for us.  The instructor moved on how to treat the umbilical cord when we bring our baby home. She explained that we couldn’t give the baby its first bath until the umbilical cord fall off on its own.  So for the first couple of weeks we will have to give her a sponge bath and the instructor went through bathing an infant while caring for the umbilical cord.
Best part of the night was when the fathers in the class had a competition on who can change the baby’s diaper the fastest and of course my competive husband won!! GO HONEY GO!!!! I was such a proud wife! I just hope he can move that fast with a live baby!!
Our next class is a child birth class prepares you for labor and delivery! YIKES!!!!!  I hope the class doesn’t make me go into labor!  Wish us luck!!!  The whole labor and delivery process makes me a little nervous.

Such a proud mom of our baby manikin!

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