Sunday, May 29, 2011

OPERATION|Kendall’s Nursery!

We finally started to work on baby girl’s nursery.  Not sure if you all remember my previous post of the two nursery  inspiration boards I posted. Well we decided with the pink and gray nursery!!

Gray is so HOT this season and it is a color honesty  that can be paired with so many other colors.  When I first saw this inspiration board I knew this was it!

First person I called was my oh so talent friend Sara Catherine who is a local interior designer here in Charlotte.  I sent her the picture of this room and I she was able to gather up some wallpaper, paint, and fabric samples !

I am addicted to wallpaper so I decided to pick the wallpaper first and work around that.  When Sara showed me this sample I immediately fell in love with the pattern and it was just the touch I needed to give her room the oh so fab look!!

Now that the wallpaper has been selected I need to find a the perfect shade of pink and I decided to go with Sherwin Williams.

We had the walls painted and the wallpaper installed last week and when I walked into the room for the first time I was in awe!!! It was  love at first sight the wallpaper and pink combo really just took me over the edge! I think I stared at the walls for a good hour.  My husband had to come in the room and told me to slowly step away. His words exactly where...That's enough honey! LOL  

I decided to go with all white furniture and we purchased a white crib from babys r us and a four dresser drawer from ikea. I want to find some cute silver knobs to add the dress and then it will be good to go!

Next, on our list is to work on Kendall's closet! Stay tuned for details in a future blog!! So excited!! Ok, I will give you one hint....the hinges have been removed from the closet door!!  YAY!!!!!

Other items on the list to do is to pick out window treaments, light fixtures, bedding,  and accent pieces!!  We have a lot to tackle but there is a mission to get accomplish!!! 



  1. Love the nursery!! Where did you get that wallpaper?!!?

  2. Eisiha-I came across your nursery on Pinterest and have the same image in my mind! I have searched and searched and searched for a wallpaper along the same lines as what you have and so far, have had no luck in finding anything close to it. Where did you get the wallpaper? Great minds think alike :-)