Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tummy Thursday

It is about 11:30  pm on Thursday night and I am super sleepy! So my husband has been saying for the last two weeks that  my "Tummy Thursday"  post should be blogged Wednesday night and published Thursday morning. So, I take a vow for the next 10 weeks to attempt to have "Tummy Thursday" post published on Thursday morning!! LOL!  
My 29th week has be wonderful! I have been feeling great and really have no complants.  Other than it is officially spring and I really am missing my cute peep toe shoes with a heel! Today at work it seemed like I was surrouned by a swarm of the cutest shoes ever!!  I couldnt help but look at all the cute shoes worn  by the fabulous ladies in my department.  Oh how I miss my heels!!! For now I will be just rocking my flats and making it work!  LOL
Tonight I am bringing back the Tummy Thursday theme song!!!
 “I don’t think your ready for this belly
 I don’t think your ready for this belly
 I don’t think you’re ready for this belly
'Cause my belly’s too bump*a*licious for ya babe"

bump*a*licious shot of the week

29 weeks

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  1. I just found your blog. You are so encouraging and beautiful! Thanks for your words and also the idea for the gender party. :) -- Rachel from Dallas, TX